What is an example of binary acid?

There are not many examples available for hydration, because the number of compounds that may be naturally limited. For this reason, some additional hydrakides are listed below with their respective nomenclature (abbreviations (ac) ignored):

HF, hydrofluoric acid

Binary hydrochloride whose H-F molecules form strong hydrogen bonds, so that in water it is a weak acid.

H2S, hydrogen sulfide

In contrast to the hydracide considered up to that point, it was polyatomic, having more than two atoms, however, it continued to be binary because of two elements: sulfur and hydrogen.
The H-S-H molecule's angle does not form hydrogen bonds that are large enough and can be detected by the characteristic odor of rotten eggs.

HCl, hydrochloric acid

One of the most famous acids in popular culture. It is even part of the composition of gastric juice, is in the stomach, and together with digestive enzymes they break down food.

HBr, hydrobromic acid

Like hydroodic acids, the gas phase consists of linear H-Br molecules, which dissociate into H + (H3O +) and Br-ions when they enter water.

H2Te, eggic acid

Although tellurium has certain metal characteristics, its hydrocarbons emit unpleasant and highly toxic vapors, such as selenhydric acid.

Like other calcogenic hydrochides (from group 16 of the periodic table), in the solution it produces Te2-anions, so the valence is -2.