What is Arjuna Wiwaha?

Another Kakawin is Mj Kanwa's Arjuna Wiwaha written in Kawi in the Airlangga Raja Medang Kamulan era. This Kakawin was written around 941-964 Saka or 1019-1042 AD. In this Arjuna Wiwaha, the figure of Arjuna is likened to Airlangga. Because of its popularity, this story has been rewritten many times under various different titles, such as Mintaraga or Bagawan Ciptaning.

Arjuna Wiwaha (Arjuna Marriage) tells the journey of Arjuna with other Pandavas who were serving a 12-year sentence of exile for losing their gambling dice game with Kurawa. Along the way, Arjuna went alone to undergo tapa-brata. When he was imprisoned, Arjuna was visited by Lord Indra, on the advice of Lord Shiva from heaven, whose aim was to ask for Arjuna's help to defeat the giant king Niwatakawaca of the Manimantaka Kingdom.

Niwatakawaca had previously succeeded in attacking heaven (swarga; the abode of the gods) because he wanted Dewi Supraba, a beautiful angel, to be married. Before being visited by Dewa Indra, Arjuna was initially visited by seven heavenly nymphs (including Dewi Supraba herself and Nilotama) to tempt her. Because it was not successfully seduced by the nymphs, it was finally Dewa Indralah who intervened.

Long story short, Arjuna who has been equipped with Pasopati arrows by Lord Shiva was able to defeat Raja Niwatakawaca. After succeeding, Arjuna was married to Dewi Supraba and six other angels. By Dewa Indra, Arjuna was allowed to honeymoon for seven days in heaven.