What is Anus?

The anus is a hole at the end of the digestive tract where the stool leaves the body. The anus is formed partly from the surface layer of the body, including the skin, and part of the intestine. The anus is coated with external skin continuation. A muscular ring (anal sphincter) keeps the anus closed until the person defecates.

The rectum is the space that begins at the end of the large intestine, immediately after the sigmoid colon, and ends in the anus. Usually, the rectum is empty because stool is stored higher in the descending large intestine. Finally, the desende large intestine becomes full, and the stool enters the rectum, causing a desire to move the intestine (bowel movements). Older adults and children can resist this urge until they reach the bathroom. Infants and young children do not have the muscle control needed to delay bowel movements.